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Contract / Wholesale Screen Printing

Seal of Quality Screen PrinterAmerican Printhouse is one of the top contract and wholesale screen printing and finishing companies in the US. We believe the only one in Arizona to provide start to finish screen printing services on this scale. We have 50 employees using the latest equipment to design, print and ship over 20,000 items a day. We can handle and deliver on time and on budget high volume orders. Being so close to Phoenix International Airport we can easily expedite air freight and overnight delivery.


Screen Printing T-shirts, 10 Colors in less than a minute!


screen printing t-shirts

36,000 Sq. Ft. Production Facility

If you would like your items to be delivered retail ready to go on the shelves, bar-coded, tagged or tagless, We can help. Based in Phoenix, Arizona we work with companies, organizations and individuals worldwide. We also work with  independent and national retailers throughout North America and around the World.


5 Automatic Presses

We can provide retail ready products, finished and shipped directly to retail locations or simply a box-o-shirts for your event or special occasion. We specialize in serving contract / wholesale screen printing customers, including local and national accounts that need screen-printed apparel using high volume printers and professional finishing techniques.

We have 5 automatic M&R Presses and two manual presses capable of 20,000 prints per 8 hours shift. We pride ourselves in keeping our equipment in top-notch shape. Our” screen room” has two custom made screen reclamation bays and two light tables. We archive thousands of films in an controlled environment.

The Finishing Department can sew in custom t-shirt labels, manual and machine fold, polybag and seal, tag, add UPC price tickets/stickers, hang tags, zipper pulls, and much more. We can ship in client supplied and branded packaging or standard packaging. We deliver a finished product you can be proud of.

retail ready products

Retail Ready Packaging


Massive Inventory

Our warehouse, shipping  and fulfillment departments allow us to maintain inventory levels as well as provide fulfillment services to select clients. Our warehouse space is larger than most of our competitors entire operations.  Consumers know that bigger is not always better, but this much space is required to produce high volume, high quality products. We mean business at American Printhouse. Let us prove it to you.

We successfully create quality designs printed on a range of garments consistent with the branding strategies of our licensors and custom design products that are up-to-date for best sales results at retail levels. Rush orders are available – contact us

Why Use Us We provide eye-catching, one of a kind, quality-produced items with an intense attention to detail. American Printhouse is able to transform a corporate message, create the latest fashion trend, promote a special event, display your team pride or personalize life’s biggest moments.

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