We are super excited about partnering with Thread to change lives for the good. This is a game changer for those seeking environmentally and socially responsible alternative fabrics. Organic cotton, hemp and others are often considered for those promoting earth conscious causes. Not only do Ground to Good™ products provide this, but they provide life changing opportunities in developing countries like Haiti. We see many uses for this in wearable technology, specialty packaging, clothing and apparel, tarps and shelter, water conservation, etc…

Fabric Made from Recycled Materials
Every yard of Thread Ground to Good™ fabric is painstakingly monitored from the moment it’s picked up as a bottle. We’re taking every step possible to make the most responsible fabric on the planet.


To learn more about Thread visit their website. To learn more about our partnership with Thread
and the way we are going to change the world, please contact us at 480-222-2190
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